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Laurie is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Certified Co-creative + Co-active Coach, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping guide. With a Master in Criminology and Justice and a degree in Anthropology, Laurie has studied behavior and mindset for more than two decades. Laurie believes that aligning with your Core Values and your heart’s desires is the key to manifest with ease, grace and precision. In order to manifest with accuracy, Laurie has developed her signature Manifest with Heart coaching program which includes unique guided visualizations, magnetizing techniques, accountability groups, and fun mindset + somatic exercises to help you live the life of your dreams in no time.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome.
Manifest with ease.

The majority of heart-centered entrepreneurs aren’t focused on the right things and the staggering statistic is that 70% of them have Imposter Syndrome.

Could there be a correlation?

Yup. There sure is.

Working daily with heart-centered entrepreneurs, I see exactly how your Imposter Syndrome is sabotaging your success and causing you to put your focus in the wrong places.

As a result, you shy away from being visible and often don't have consistent cash flow.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs are waaaay too busy:

  • People-pleasing and spending too much time supporting others in their business rather than on your own
  • Procrastinating and wasting time on distractions rather than focusing on your priorities + purpose
  • Postponing your dreams by trying to live up to your Imposter Syndrome’s archetype of being an expert, perfectionistic, not looking stupid or incompetent, and by trying to “save the day”
  • Proving you have the right to share your knowledge by acquiring more and more education and certificates instead of just “doing the thing” already
  • Talking yourself out of what you desire to do by giving the appearance you're taking inspired action
  • Honoring the conditioning, "training," and programming you received from family, friends, teachers, etc., that doesn't align with your dreams + values
  • Trauma-responding without even realizing it

Sound familiar?

I hope so because I’d love for you to finally manifest your magic for all the world to see.

This isn’t to shame you.

I had so many of the same issues.

This message is to bring you into awareness so you can take the guesswork out of overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

It’s so you can show up doing your life’s work rather than busywork with confidence and grace so you can shine your light fraud and worry-free.

My guess is: There are two parts of you.

The part that’s a heart-centered entrepreneur who has a burning obsession to live your inner calling while sharing it with as many people as you can. This part says, “I MUST leave my legacy before I die.”

That part’s empowered, resilient, and directed.

The other part of you sounds like an entirely different person repeating over and over again things like:

"I doubt anybody will see the value in what I do and will want to pay me for it.

"My lack of clarity and confidence always get in my way---how can people see me as an expert if I don’t see myself as one?"

"It’s just easier for me to focus on my distractions so I look like I’m doing something rather than be fully seen---especially if I’m not totally prepared and don’t know exactly how to get my message out there."

It can feel like you’re at war with yourself, can’t it?

I know how tiring and debilitating that can be.

The exciting news: There’s an easy way you can train yourself to listen to the empowering part of you while learning how to release the Imposter voice that says your life's calling and purpose aren’t possible.

For many years I'd been running my business terrified of asking for help because I didn't want to appear incompetent. Despite having a background in Behavioral Sciences and being a trained practitioner, I didn't see the writing on the wall that I had Imposter Syndrome, specifically the Soloist archetype.

The biggest challenge with Imposter Syndrome is how seductive and influential it is---it's sneaky little voice flies so low under the radar that it's easy to be missed.

That's why I've created my free online done-for-you workshop, Overcome Imposter Syndrome, where you learn firsthand which Imposter Syndrome archetype you have, as well as your archetype's customized healing roadmap that you can immediately implement, so you can finally manifest the right things in the right way in your life and business.

My biggest pet peeve with professionals working in the area of Imposter Syndrome is that they don't customize their treatment plans. Instead, they manufacture a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves you more confused and making no progress at all. Or worse yet, their approach exacerbates your issues.

The last thing you need is a program that makes your problem worse.

In Overcome Imposter Syndrome, you'll learn the 5 different Imposter Syndrome archetypes, as well as the personalized healing roadmaps I've created for each one.

You can immediately begin implementing your archetype’s healing roadmap with the homework, exercises, and EFT Tapping sessions found throughout this course

As you begin to Understand the traits and "symptoms" of your Imposter Syndrome archetype, you’ll be able to eradicate the very belief systems and behaviors that stop you dead in your tracks from living your purpose.

Take my imposter syndrome archetype quiz.

Did you know there are 5 imposter syndrome archetypes---each with their own set of limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviors? Take the quiz below to see which is your type so you can start healing today.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for Overcome Imposter Syndrome:

Identify the key signs of Imposter Syndrome, as well as, the behaviors and limiting beliefs that come with it so you can learn how to start making powerful change today.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome FREE 7-day course Outline:

Introduction: How to Kick Imposter Syndrome for Good
Lesson #1: The Superhero Archetype
Lesson #2: The Natural Genius Archetype
Lesson #3: The Expert Archetype
Lesson #4: The Perfectionist Archetype
Lesson #5: The Soloist Archetype
Bonus #1: 3 Ways Imposter Syndrome Stops You From Manifesting Your Life Work + Sharing Your Magic
Bonus #2: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs For Good
Bonus #3: 6 Signs You are Finally Ready to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Are you ready to start sharing your magic, feeling fulfilled, and having sustainable abundance?

Signup for the 7-day FREE Overcome Imposter Syndrome course today.

Love from happy clients...

Hi, I’m Laurie. I’m happy you’re here.

Since 2003, aspiring and new heart-centered entrepreneurs have found their way to my work. All of them have said they’ve felt this deep calling inside that they knew they just had to manifest. While their call felt huge, they’ve shared they felt terrified to make it happen and also had no idea how to even get started on living out their vision, soul’s mission, and lasting legacy. Often, I’ve heard in client-sessions, “I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I’m living everybody else’s life but I know I’m not supposed to have a 9-5 job and just grin and bear it through a daily grid-locked commute while playing nice-nice in the office. I’m meant to have my own heart-centered business, but I just don’t know how to get started or if I’m even able to do it. I’m also scared of starting---what I if I don’t make enough money? What if I can’t sustain this dream? What if I fail? How will I get seen and get clients? I make pretty good money now and don’t want to lose that.”

I imagine you’re here because you have some similar fears, limiting beliefs and even hidden beliefs ruminating inside you that are preventing you from living out your big calling. Today, this all changes. Today, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you get to climb onto your personal road to manifesting your dreams with grace, ease, and confidence. Let’s get you comfy and let’s get you started!

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