The Empowered Membership: Live Your Design

Your partner in de-conditioning

The Empowered: Live your Design membership is a breathing, living classroom and container where you can safely plan out and put into practice your Human Design deconditioning journey with a trained mentor and energy psychologist, as well as fellow supportive members, to help you release not-self themes with ease and grace while embracing and embodying your Human Design Signature of peace, satisfaction, success, or surprise.

The Empowered was created in the Autumn of 2022 when a few of Life Coach Laurie’s clients suggested she create an environment where they could be guided to cultivate a life-long practice living their design. As a 6/3 Self-projected Projector, Laurie recognized this as an ideal and aligned invitation worth pursuing. Her 3rd line saw the opportunities for creating and experimenting with all the best ways to make the membership beneficial, impactful and fun while her 6th line realized she was being called down “off the roof” to offer guidance and to model the way. Today, The Empowered is a cozy, inspiring membership filled with the energies of compassion, acceptance, understanding and love. Below, you’ll find a clear overview of what you receive and experience each month as a member of The Empowered.

*Please note, The Empowered membership is hosted as a private, closed, exclusive community group at Facebook so you must have a Facebook account to join. All monthly masterclasses, Profile Panels and Community Gatherings are hosted Live at Zoom–so you’ll also need access to Zoom–with the replays uploaded back at the group in Facebook. Once you enroll in The Empowered, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Facebook group. Please click on that link and you should be approved into the group within 24 hours or less depending on timezone differences. If you’ve not been accepted into the group within the 24-hour period, please email: and we will get the issue sorted as quickly as we can. <3

Features and bennies of joining The Empowered

Twice monthly Live Tapping by Design EFT tapping sessions. As a member of The Empowered, you get to actively decondition not-self themes and invite in Self-themes through the practice of Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka “Tapping.” Life Coach Laurie, the creator and founder of The Empowered, is an Advanced EFT practitioner + Human Design mentor who combines the Human Design principles and verbiage into customized EFT Tapping scripts that powerfully yet gently help you surrender the conditioning standing in the way of you living your soul’s calling. EFT Tapping helps you free emotions that prevent your meridians (circuitry) and organs from operating at their optimal. When your circuitry’s energy isn’t flowing properly, your brain overrides your body and causes you to default to disempowering conditioned behavior. With Tapping by Design, a combination of EFT and HD, you get your circuitry performing as it should again reconnecting you to your essence and soul-self.

Monthly masterclasses + popup workshops. As a member of The Empowered, you never have to wonder how to roll-out or stick to your Deconditioning Plan. Through Live monthly masterclasses at Zoom, as well as frequent popup workshops, Laurie makes sure to educate and empower you on all you need to know to live your Human Design in real-time.

Profile Panels + Energy Type Explorations. Been wanting to understand the Human Design profile types and energy types on a personal level? As an Empowered member you get to interact in occasional community gatherings Live at Zoom with all the energy types and profiles that are active members of The Empowered. Through Profile Panels, you get the chance to interview fellow members who are willing to get in the “hot-seat” and share their experience, deconditioning journey, and stories with respect to their specific Human Design profile and energy type. This style of experiential learning is designed to help you have compassionate and understanding interactions with the various profiles and energy types in your life. Additionally, you’re given the chance to experience the mirror-effect of witnessing how others with your same profile and energy type show up in the world which feels very comforting, validating, and inspiring.

Weekly Solar Transit Contemplations. One of the most transformational ways to successfully deconditioning and tune-into your soul-frequency is by tracking the weekly solar transits according to the Human Design calendar. Each week, the sun transits through one of the 64 Human Design gates shining a light on the theme of that particular gate. When you track the transits, you’re given a chance to explore the shadow, gift and enlightened frequencies of that gate which allows you to prepare for the energetic themes of the week in self-connected and harmonious ways. The more you understand how you’re impacted by these solar transits, the more you can successfully decondition with ease and grace.

Opportunities for Coaching + Mentoring by a trained and accredited practitioner. Life Coach Laurie is trained and accredited in many modalities. She’s a certified co-creative and co-active coach, Advanced EFT practitioner, Reiki master, and Human Design mentor. She’s worked in the areas of behavioral sciences for more than 20 years and has a Master of Science in Criminology/Justice, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. She’s been in private practice since 2002 and has coached clients from all over the world including the United States, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Angola, Qatar, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. As a member of The Empowered, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for coaching, mentoring and guidance from Laurie.

Journal prompts, affirmations + mantras centered around Human Design type, profile and HD signature. Along with Live (EFT) Tapping by (Human) Design sessions twice monthly, you’ll have access to journal prompts, affirmations and Human Design centered mantras to motivate you along your deconditioning-reconditioning journey. The membership is an fun, active, compassionate and supportive place to be 100% you and all of the tools provided in The Empowered are designed to help you feel seen, appreciated, and truly alive. The journal prompts, affirmations and mantras are created with deep care and intention.

“Human Design is the map of how your energetic body operates. It is not a quick fix but a journey of re-awakeneing to the truth inherent in every body.

Kimberly McConnell

Love from happy members

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