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Dear Success-seeker, welcome home.

I know you’ve been seeking that one unique solution to equip you with all you need to fully embody your ideal version of success so you can finally feel emotionally and financially safe while pursuing your soul’s calling—you’ve landed in the right place.

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Hi, I’m Laurie. 🙂 I’m here to teach you how to attune to your very own success-frequency so you can have all the joy, deep satisfaction, and abundance you’ve always desired. My clients call me their personal Dream Whisperer because my genius is in normalizing the pursuit of your soul’s calling in a way that feels very personalized, safe and inspiring for your specific nervous and energy system. 

In our work together:

You’ll learn how to gently and effectively release all the conditioning and programming you’ve received that’s continuously caused you to turn away from your personal authority and success-frequency. We’ve all been conditioned in various ways. Some of our conditioning has served us tremendously while other conditioning, er, not so much. I’m here to empower you to buck the conditioning that’s pushed you to pursue paths that haven’t quite fit with your inner spirit. You’ll finally feel like you know exactly which direction to go in–-clarity will become your compass, and fulfillment your new best friend.

I show you how to make your version of success a priority. You’ll stop putting it on the back-burner by honoring your soul contract and by attuning to how your very individualized nervous system and inner energetic blueprint prefer to work resulting in your daily embodiment of your unique version of success.

I teach you how to attune to you unique success-frequency through helping you implement the fundamental principles of your Human Design chart through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) and somatic sensing. By honoring your Human Design Strategy, Authority, Circuitry, Incarnation Cross, and Human Design Variables, you’ll tap into your personal magic through your customized success-roadmap making all your life-decisions easier and success inevitable.

You’ll discover how to hear your soul’s voice so you can stay focused on what it’s guiding you to do. Through the practice of somatic sensing, you’ll learn how to hear your soul’s call so you can follow through on its assignments for you. Guiding you to practice good energy hygiene and consistent energy management, I’ll show you how to keep your channel clear so you can provide a happy and healthy home for your soul to facilitate through you. 

My formal training is as an Energy Psychologist. I’m an Internationally Accredited Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner, Human Design guide, Reiki Master,  and Co-active Coach. I combine all of my years of training and practicum, as well as my Human Design Channels of Inspiration and Channels of Logic to help you fulfill your soul’s mission in your very own unique way. As a 6/3 Self-projected Projector with the Left Angle Cross of Defiance, I was literally born to defy the status quo and conventional way of doing things. That means, you and I are not going to take the ho-hum boring standard approach everybody else takes. You are NOT standard. You’re here to birth your unique dream into this world and you need a Projector’s ability to guide you to follow your inner wisdom so you can make your ideal version of success happen. As a 6/3 Self-projected Projector, I’ve got laser-focus, and was built to empower and instill success in you. I’m here to see your special gifts and talents so you can cultivate them into realizing your dreams naturally, easily, and joyfully bringing you all the satisfaction, peace, delight and success you desire.

Love from happy clients


Since 2002, accomplished and successful women have found their way to my work. All of them said they felt this deep calling inside that they knew they just had to manifest but making it happen felt so out of reach. While climbing the corporate ladder and achieving challenging goals became “old-hat,” following their heart’s desires and soul’s mission felt extremely foreign. These women had spent years and all their energy carving out high-powered careers but gave no time, energy or effort to what truly moved them. Many of them came to me saying the same things: “I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I’m living everybody else’s life but I know I’m not supposed to have a 9-5, and just grin and bear it through a daily grid-locked commute while playing nice-nice in the office. I’m meant to have my own heart-centered business, but I just don’t know how to get started or if I’m even able to do it at this point. I’m also scared of starting—what I if I don’t make enough money? What if I can’t sustain this dream? What if I fail? How will I get seen and get clients? I make pretty good money now and don’t want to lose that.”

I imagine you’re here because you have some of the same similar concerns—I get it because I was this woman, too. I had a warped definition of success and had to peel back layers upon layers of conditioning to rework my success definition. I worked several jobs, had multiple side-hustles, garnered countless certificates and degrees; I was also intentionally turning the volume down on my dream until one day I simply said, No more. Step by step, I began to pour more love into my wishes and wants. I partnered with my dream and turned down the volume of all the distracting conditioning I’d received all my life. I made the conscious choice to trust my soul and follow its guidance instead. That guidance led me to study and train in Human Design and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) heavily. The more I trusted these two modalities and lived out their principles, the more my true version of Success came to life. In 2006, I resigned from my full-time federal career and left the San Francisco Bay where I’m from and moved overseas. I’ve had the honor of living in the Middle East, Africa, and to date, I work solely for myself from my home I share with my husband on an island in The Netherlands.

What I’ve learned all these years in practice is that the more you honor your soul, the more you find that your primary definition of success becomes more refined, deeply personal, and transformative. When I work with you, I empower you to put your soul in the driver’s seat and your mind in the backseat. It’s challenging work but it’s very honest, authentic, and it’s the most you’ll ever feel like you—and feeling completely 100% like you is the purest form of true success.

Laurie owner of Life Coach Laurie

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