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Why work with Life Coach Laurie?

Laurie is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Certified Co-creative + Co-active Coach, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping guide. With a Master in Criminology and Justice and a degree in Anthropology, Laurie has studied behavior and mindset for more than two decades. Laurie believes that aligning with your Core Values and your heart’s desires is the key to manifest with ease, grace and precision. In order to manifest with accuracy, Laurie has developed her signature Manifest with Heart coaching program which includes unique guided visualizations, magnetizing techniques, accountability groups, and fun mindset + somatic exercises to help you live the life of your dreams in no time.


Manifest with Purpose

In this done-for-you mini interactive pre-recorded course, let me guide you into living out your purpose with my personal 3-step manifesting system, TVM (Tap-Visualize-Magnetize). I’ll show you step-by-step how you can physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically release all the stuff you've been putting up with, so you can open up meaningful pathways that help you manifest your heart's desires and live out your soul's mission. Built-in reminders help you stick with completing all the modules, and you have your very own companion workbook that acts as your "partner-in-crime" to help you write down, store, and review all of your reflections, shifts, and breakthroughs from each of the TVM sessions you complete. For added support, you get to be part of an exclusive Facebook community that's guaranteed to empower and champion you as you tap into your manifesting power (there's no group or 1:1 coaching in Manifest with Purpose). Get Manifest with Purpose now and receive the additional bonus workshop, Manifest with Ease, which includes lessons for powerful yet effortless manifesting so you can become a magnet for everything you want! I’ll see you inside!

Manifest with Heart

Do you feel you have an important calling you know you must share with the world? One that you feel deep in your bones? Is there something holding you back that makes you feel super nervous about following your dream and vision for your life? This feeling can’t be ignored, but maybe you feel terrified to get started, or you don't even know where or how to start! Yet, here you are taking that first step by checking out Manifest with Heart! This is a little sign that you’re getting ready to show up and handle your fear and uncertainty, so you can radically transform it into inspired action. In this 6-month coaching course +program, I'll give you the very motivation, compassion, and accountability you need to turn your passion into your prosperity. You'll no longer feel confused or unsure, and before you know it, you'll be living out your legacy while creating abundance in every area of your life so you can share your soul's message without worry, fear, or anxiety. Warning: This program is intense, provides maximum clarity, and isn't a quick-fix---Higher Calling work requires commitment, dedication + massive shedding. We'll meet via Zoom every month for a half-year to ensure you're building in the very energy you need to make your calling a reality. ;-) I'll see you inside Manifest with Heart!

1:1 Coaching

Dive in deeper to cultivate, nourish, and follow through on your personal and professional manifestation practice with one-to-one customized coaching! There's nothing like having your very own coach who believes in your dreams, sees your strengths and gives you the very secret sauce to make your soul's calling a reality. By coaching to your specific Human Design, Enneagram type, and Life Path, we'll use tools like EFT (Tapping), Future Self, and Magnetizing to attract all you desire so you can have a life and business full of joy, abundance, and peace. Start today!

Group Tapping Sessions

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, I host a Group EFT Tapping Session Live at my Zoom. Participating in monthly Group Tapping offers you the chance to stay committed to your Tapping and Manifestation practice while working with a trained EFT practitioner. The sessions are always private, confidential and not recorded. Monthly Tapping sessions are open to anybody who wishes to come---all you’ve gotta do is register and save your seat in advance. Group Tapping is a lovely compliment to any 1:1 coaching you’re doing or any other programs you’re in with me like Manifest with Heart. With Group Tapping, you can have really fast breakthroughs and shifts due to Tapping with others who have common issues which makes you feel less alone, more “normalized,” as well as, positively reinforced, encouraged and supported. See you in the monthly Tapping sessions! Bring a friend :0)

Personal Peace Procedure

NEW! The Personal Peace Procedure is a 12-month accountability and support program that begins every January and ends in December. In this life-altering program, you begin by creating a list of 50 items that disturb your peace. This list could include a past heartbreak, something your mother always said that hurt you, and/or things you can't forgive yourself for. From this list, you'll choose 12 items to tap on each month in our monthly group calls while conducting self-tapping sessions on the other topics. You'll be charting your progress, shifts, and breakthroughs in the Personal Peace Procedure Journal and workbook that's included in the program. If you're ready to have radical transformation this year while finally having the peace you've always desired, this is the program that will make it happen.

Vision Board Retreat

Start your year off with big magical vision! In this bi-annual Live retreat on Zoom, I pull a card and a crystal for you---they will symbolize the energy/essence for you to focus on throughout the year to come. We'll then begin by tapping so you can leave behind all that no longer supports your manifestation journey. You’ll then experience the Future Self Guided Visualization so you can get in touch with your most empowered, reassuring and confident Future Self who knows how to manifest with ease and accuracy. Next, you'll practice the ancient art of Magnetizing where you'll magnetize away from you all the stuff that gets in your way while magnetizing to you all that you saw in your Future Self Guided Visualization. We'll close the retreat by making a Vision Board based on what your most positive Future Self showed you in the visualization. You’ll then have the chance to give a little presentation sharing your Vision Board if you wish. Additionally, you’ll learn coaching tips and tricks on how to actually use your Vision Board and make it all come true.

Love from happy clients...

Manifest with Heart is my “life bible” now. Manifest with Heart accelerated my personal growth. The paralyzing fear, and obsessive worry stopped. I began to use my voice, express myself and also exercise boundaries. Manifest with Heart changed my life. I learned how to connect with my higher and Future self, as well as how to visualize and magnetize. Whenever I wish to address issues, EFT (Tapping) taught in Manifest with Heart helped me a lot. Manifest with Heart has taught me how to manifest from a place of peace, joy, confidence and higher frequency. I cannot thank you enough, Laurie, for Manifest with Heart and for gifting me a new life.

-A. H., Kuwait City, Kuwait

Thank you so much for such a beautiful session today, dear Laurie! What a blessing it is to have your generous presence, skills, intuition, and healing gifts showered on me. I feel so grateful.

-K.S. Denver, Colorado

After Manifest with Heart, I have so much more faith. I used to be afraid to dream because I felt I was setting myself up for failure. I feel like I can manifest whatever I want. The tools in this program have shifted so much for me. I’ve learned I can create a life I love. I loved the magnetizing and scale tools. I have known about manifesting for a while, but magnetizing felt like manifesting on steroids! Scale was another one that was new to me, but has helped me to see things through a different lens. I love that we can minimize things that don't feel good and leave it on the ground. I also love Laurie’s 3-step TVM Method from Manifest with Purpose and the Future Self meditations in Manifest with Heart are beyond life-changing.

–V. O. Maui, Hawaii

Hi, I’m Laurie. I’m happy you’re here.

Since 2003, aspiring and new heart-centered entrepreneurs have found their way to my work. All of them have said they’ve felt this deep calling inside that they knew they just had to manifest. While their call felt huge, they’ve shared they felt terrified to make it happen and also had no idea how to even get started on living out their vision, soul’s mission, and lasting legacy. Often, I’ve heard in client-sessions, “I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I’m living everybody else’s life but I know I’m not supposed to have a 9-5 job and just grin and bear it through a daily grid-locked commute while playing nice-nice in the office. I’m meant to have my own heart-centered business, but I just don’t know how to get started or if I’m even able to do it. I’m also scared of starting---what I if I don’t make enough money? What if I can’t sustain this dream? What if I fail? How will I get seen and get clients? I make pretty good money now and don’t want to lose that.”

I imagine you’re here because you have some similar fears, limiting beliefs and even hidden beliefs ruminating inside you that are preventing you from living out your big calling. Today, this all changes. Today, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you get to climb onto your personal road to manifesting your dreams with grace, ease, and confidence. Let’s get you comfy and let’s get you started!

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